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SME Finance funded with €100m from Fasanara Capital. The new cash extends an existing funding facility to €240m, helping the Lithuanian expand its SME lending in the Baltic region and Finland.

13th April 2023

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Markets News

Fasanara Capital, which oversees $4 billion of assets, will work with boutique Tifosy Capital & Advisory to lend to [sports] clubs, targeting a maximum fund size of $500 million. Investors will be paid back from future income streams, such as player transfers or ticket sales.

1st March 2023


Markets News

2nd February 2023

Francesco Filia opines on the current opportunities within private assets' markets, as reported by Laura Benitez and Lucca De Paoli from Bloomberg.



Francesco Filia, Founder and CEO, sat down with Andrew Wilson, where they discussed institutional access to the emerging asset class of Fintech Lending, the disruptive potential of fintech on the banking sector and much more.

17th January 2023


Peer2Peer Awards 2022

Delighted to announce that Fasanara Capital has been recognised as the winner for Institutional Partner of the Year at the Peer2Peer Finance News awards 2022.

7th December 2022


Crypto Winter VC

With Sifted EU we shared our thoughts and opinion on Crypto and why the Crypto Winter hasn't necessarily put us off pursuing deals.  

30th August 2022

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With Sifted EU we shared our thoughts and opinion on Crypto and why it's the best time to launch our new Fasanara VCIII fund.  

11th May 2022


Sky News

Sky News coverage of our new Fasanara VC III fund launch.

11th May 2022


European News

10th January 2022

A controversial EU plan to include nuclear and natural gas in its ranking of sustainable investments is confusing and could lead to further greenwashing, investors told CNBC. Fasanara Capital shared its opinion on this statement.


Industry Insights

8th December 2021

One of Fasanara’s goals for growing our fund was to tap into the massive benefits of DeFi without sacrificing our security protocols and policies. Fireblocks has enabled us to do so through their industry-leading security and expertise.


Crypto Markets

5th December 2021

As Wall Street traders bedded down for the weekend after the stock volatility last week, Nikita Fadeev in London was woken up by a Bitcoin market alarm at 4:55 a.m.

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Future Says

30th September 2021

In this episode of Future Says Nikita Fadeev, Portfolio Manager at Fasanara Capital and Forbes 30 under 30 lister, discusses the democratization of financial services through Decentralized Finance (DeFI), cryptocurrency and NFT’s.


Financial Times

15th September 2021

Cryptocurrency hedge funds gained nearly 24 per cent in August as large price swings in digital asset prices helped them outperform investors in sleepy equities and currencies markets. 


Startup Daily

10th September 2021

US VC Tiger Global just turned Scalapay, a Fasanara backed startup (Buy Now Pay Later), into a unicorn fintech with a $210 million series A.



2 August 2021 Grover PressThe round is made up of a $1bn asset-backed facility from London based Fasanara Capital, and an extension of its Series B funding round from $71m to $100m.

28 July 2021 Forbes: Grover, a German circular economy start-up, has raised $1 billion in a mix of equity and asset-based financing to fuel its growth. Fasanara is the one who financed into the Berlin-based platform. 

11 May 2021 BloombergWall Street Uses Old Tricks in $2.4 Trillion Crypto Jungle. Nikita Fadeev, from Fasanara Capital: "trades common in the industry also include short-term momentum and a form of statistical arbitrage".

23 Feb 2021 HFW: Fasanara taps senior JPM, Citadel vet for quant trading head. Steve Mobs. Co-founder of Oxford Asset Management is also joining the team.

23 Feb 2021 Bloomberg: Robots on Wall Street battle with the confusing world of Reddit. Rocket emojis for stock gains. "Tendies" as slang for profits. GIFs with company tickers.

5 Jan 2021 Value Walk: The insights about Digital Future, usage of digital technology to build resilient portfolios. Going beyond 60/40 traditional asset allocation.

26 Nov 2020 AlphaWeek: Union Bancaire Privee has signed an exclusive partnership with London-based investment manager Fasanara Capital to launch the Trade and Receivable Finance Fund, a real economy impact investment solution.

10 Jul 2020 HFM: A handful of quant hedge funds have gained during this year's pandemic-hit markets from a mix of "complexity theory-based algorithms" and traditional linear market analysis.

29 Jun 2020 Resonance FM: Nikita Fadeev spoke to The N@ked Short Club to discuss the current landscape of crypto assets, what are some of the emerging trends and why the case for Bitcoin is as strong as ever.

24 Jun 2020 Icon Holdings: Fasanara joined Blockchat to discuss digital currencies, innovation, capital market vs. real economy, market volatility, flash crashes, complexity-based risk and monetary policy.

4 Jun 2020 Financial Times: Hedge funds for second stock market plunge. Managers say asset prices have become too detached from bleak fundamentals.

11 May 2020 Speaking to Legends: A podcast about the start of Francesco's career - transition from JP Morgan to Merrill Lynch, setting up Fasanara, bearish on the market but bullish on the economy, outlook on the industry.

10 Apr 2020 Opalesque: Corona FIghters or Fasanara mentioned as one of the asset managers who delivered a positive return during the recent market meltdown.

6 Apr 2020 Resonance FM: We discussed at The N@ked Short Club the likes of: negative on equity (S&P below 2000), positive on credit/real economy. COVID crisis to fade, but is an accelerator of pre-existing secular trends: the cashless economy, helicopter money, digital dollars, Fintech revolution.  

30 Mar 2020 BloombergStability is destabilizing - it’s exactly after long periods of low volatility that you get systemic risk. The VIX exploded all of a sudden like an earthquake.

4-6 Nov 2020 The Quant ConferenceStability is destabilizing - it’s exactly after long periods of low volatility that you get systemic risk. The VIX exploded all of a sudden like an earthquake.

27 Feb 2020 MacroVoicesFasanara participated into the Resonance FM Podcast: The Naked Short Club.

25 Feb 2020 CNBCFasanara on Technological transformation in the financial sector:"Banks are dead, but banking is not," On the recent management reshuffles in European banks.

24 Feb 2020 Resonance FM: Fasanara participated into the Resonance FM Podcast: The Naked Short Club.

13 Feb 2020 FInancial TimesInvestor complacency sets in while coronavirus spreads

10 Jan 2020 Financial TimesMany pots of illiquidity can surface at a moment's notice

25 Dec 2019 Sky NewsNocebo effect of negative rates has deterred investors

18 Nov 2019 The Quant Conference: Fasanara took part into an open debate on "Systematic vs Discretionary' 

07 Nov 2019: Fasanara Capital opens first Quant Fund

25 Oct 2019: Trade finance is nearing a much-needed shakeup

26 Aug 2019: Investors face a crisis 10 times worse than the ‘Quant Quake,’ hedge fund warns

21 Aug 2019: History Being Made: Negative Rates, Fake Markets, & The Imminent "Daily Liquidity" Crisis

01 Jul 2019:  Fasanara Capital discusses the U.S. and China's agreement to renew trade talks

09 Jun 2019: Woodford affair shines spotlight on assets put in ‘trash’ bucket.

16 May 2019: Fasanara Capital tells CNBC that a recent Fasanara analysis found global markets are highly fragile.

04 Apr 2019: HumanCurrent Fasanara shared with Angie Cross his perspective on the way financial markets are usually analyzed.

12 Mar 2019 CFA: How to measure the proximity to a market crash

26 Feb 2019 AlphaWeek: Fasanara expands on how his firm applies the rules of complexity theory to constructing their models

25 Feb 2019: Investors’ herd behaviour makes markets more fragile.

22 Feb 2019 CNBC: Fasanara Capital explains that it is not just Italy, but the whole of Europe, that looks economically unstable.

14 Feb 2019 MacroVoices: Erik Townsend welcome back Francesco Filia and discuss about how severe could a bear market be.

28 Jan 2019 Resonance FM: Hear experts dance with hedge funds & other alternatives, markets & the economy

27 Dec 2018 MacroVoices: Fasanara featured in Best Calls 2018 by MACROVoices (minute 10’).

17 Dec 2018 Resonance FM: Hear experts dance with hedge funds & other alternatives, markets & the economy

12 Jan 2019 ZeroHedge: Fasanara 2019: Markets In Critical Transformation, Chaotic Behaviour Has Just Begun

09 Jan 2019 CNBC: Fasanara Capital discusses what the latest round of U.S.-China trade negotiations mean for markets.

25 Nov 2018 Sky News: Fasanara Capital says monetary and fiscal policies in the US will lead to multi-quarter bear market

21 Nov 2018 FT: Hedge funds reap windfalls from market rout 

14 Nov 2018 CNBC: Fasanara Capital: Risk Assets Downturn Is Starting To Play Out

12 Jul 2018 ZeroHedge: "Towards A Low-Diversity Trap": Visualizing The DNA Of A Market Crash

11 Jul 2018 BrightTALK: Fasanara in a BrightTALK webminar

09 Jul 2018 CNBC (Article): Amid political stalemate in the EU, trade tensions are likely to persist for longer

22 Jun 2018 CNBC (Video): Flash crashes in Europe could prewarn potential 'raptures'.

18 Jun 2018 CNBC (Article): We’re seeing the greatest asset inflation bubble in 20 years, fund manager warns

18 Jun 2018 CNBC (Article): Investors still love equities but ‘market fragility’ could be ahead in the second half of 2018

11 Jun 2018 CNBC (Article): The signs of a potential market crash are now appearing, asset manager warns

08 Jun 2018 ZeroHedge: Fasanara: The Crash Triggers Are Elephants, Not Butterflies

23 May 2018 ZeroHedge: An Unexpected Warning From Goldman Sachs: "Something Is Not Quite Right"

18 Apr 2018 CNBC (Video): Shift into passive strategies creating a systemic risk

18 Apr 2018 CNBC (Video): S&P 500 could imminently dive down to 2,400

18 Apr 2018 CNBC (Article): Upcoming Federal Reserve decisions will be good for equities, JP Morgan says.

12 Apr 2018 CLASS CNBC: Trimestre al via, rischio volatilità

11 Apr 2018 ZeroHedge: Lira Bounces As Turkey Reaches "Whatever It Takes" Moment

09 Apr 2018 Investopedia: Stock Market's Soaring Volatility Mirrors 1987 Crash

19 Mar 2018 ZeroHedge: An Unexpected Warning From Goldman Sachs: "Markets Themselves" Will Cause The Next Crash

12 Feb 2018 ZeroHedge: The Vol Feedback Loop Has Reversed; What Comes Next?

08 Feb 2018 CLASS CNBC: Turbolenza sui mercati, quali rischi?

07 Feb 2018 ZeroHedge: BofA: This Was A "Minsky Moment" For The VIX

05 Feb 2018 Investopedia: Low Volatility May Spur Stock Market Crash: Filia

03 Feb 2018 ZeroHedge: The Market Is On The Edge Of Chaos, A Zone Where Rare Events Become Typical

02 Feb 2018 CNBC (Article): Some investors are worried low volatility might be the start of a market crash. 

19 Jan 2018 ZeroHedge: Measuring The Equity Bubble - "You Are Here"

19 Jan 2018 Investopedia:  Stock Valuations Now in 'Bitcoin Territory'

19 Jan 2018 CNBC (Article): Berlusconi has been in politics for nearly three decades. This is the secret to his popularity

18 Jan 2018 Estrategias de Inversion: La bolsa está completamente en terreno bitcoin

17 Jan 2018 Trend-Online: Alert dei gestori sull'azionario: è in pieno territorio Bitcoin

17 Jan 2018 CNBC (Video): Berlusconi definitely has a chance in the Italian election

17 Jan 2018 CNBC (Video): Stretched stock valuations are in bitcoin territory

17 Jan 2018 CNBC (Video): 2017 was the peak of quantitative easing: Fasanara Capital

17 Jan 2018 CNBC (Article): ​​Stocks are now in 'complete bitcoin territory,' asset manager says

17 Jan 2018 ZeroHedge GS: just a 3-point spike in the VIX would force some $110 million vega to buy

13 Jan 2018 Neue Zürcher Zeitung: The markets have decoupled from reality

19 Dec 2017 ZeroHedge: Doug Kass' 15 Surprises For 2018: FANG Crackdown, Gold All-Time-Highs, Stocks Slump

18 Dec 2017 CLASS CNBC: Fasanara discute gli scenari di mercato per il 2018: banche centrali, liquidita’ e Bitcoin

03 Dec 2017 Neue Zürcher Zeitung: Die Märkte haben sich von der Realität abgekoppelt

29 Nov 2017 CNBC (Video): Market complacency too strong to be suprirised by North Korea's latest missile test

28 Nov 2017 ZeroHedge: "It’s All One Single, Giant $22 Trillion Position": How Market Risk Became Systemic Risk

26 Nov 2017 ZeroHedge: Fake Market Narratives Are Masking The Roots Of The Next Crisis

25 Nov 2017 ZeroHedge: Muir: "People Are Going To Be Wiped Out" By Short-VIX ETFs

25 Nov 2017 ZeroHedge: Francesco Filia: The World's Twin Asset Bubbles Could Collapse Under Their Own Weight

22 Nov 2017 Macro Voices: Fasanara discusses currernt conditions in both bond and equity markets

22 Nov 2017 ZeroHedge: Positive Feedback Loops, Financial Instability, & The Blind Spot Of Policymakers

02 Nov 2017 CLASS CNBC: Fasanara discute gli scenari di investimento per il quarto trimestre

30 Oct 2017 Wall Street Italia: Liquidità banche centrali finirà lasciando buco da $2 mila miliardi

29 Oct 2017 ZeroHedge: A Technical History Of Market Melt-Ups

27 Oct 2017 ZeroHedge: The $2 Trillion Hole: "In 2019, Central Bank Liquidity Finally Turns Negative"

24 Oct 2017 StreetWise: Popping the Bubble

18 Oct 2017 ZeroHedge: $1trl In Liquidity Is Leaving: "This Will Be The Market's First Crash-Test In 10yr"

18 Oct 2017 ZeroHedge: What To Look For If This Is Indeed A Major Bubble

14 Sep 2017 CNBC (Video): S&P may qualify as most expensive in history

14 Sep 2017 CNBC (Video): Bank of England unlikely to move rates, shift from QE

11 Sep 2017 ZeroHedge: "The Ratio Is Literally Off The Chart": Measuring The Real Bond Bubble

29 Aug 2017 Daily Reckoning UK: Is the ‘Omen’ signalling a market top?

25 Aug 2017 CLASS CNBC: Mercati: rischio bolla vicino?

24 Aug 2017 ZeroHedge: "Peak PEG" - The S&P Has Never, Ever Been This Expensive

05 Aug 2017 ZeroHedge: Anticipating "VIX Shock", Interactive Brokers Raises Volatility Margins

25 July 2017 ValueWalk: Fasanara on the "Fake Market Cycle"

25 July 2017 ZeroHedge: When Do We Know These Are Delusional Markets

20 July 2017 ZeroHedge: The "Wipeout Scenario": 250% Losses If VIX Spikes To 20

12 July 2017 Fondi&SICAV: Questi non sono mercati normali e le tensioni crescono

05 July 2017 CLASS CNBC: Fasanara discute gli scenari di investimento per il secondo semestre 

03 July 2017 Bloomberg: Fasanara sees Twin Bubbles in Stock and Bond Markets

28 June 2017 CNBC: Forget fake news, investors should realize the markets are fake, says asset manager

28 June 2017 CNBC (Video): The narratives that drive global markets

28 June 2017 CNBC (Video): What could trigger the next financial crisis

28 June 2017 CNBC (Video): The Outlook for Commodity Markets

16 June 2017 ZeroHedge: Are New Lows For Bond Volatility The Calm Before The Storm?

07 June 2017 Class CNBC: Gran Bretagna al voto: I rischi per i mercati

23 May 2017 Class CNBC: Investimenti e crescita Europa vs Usa

04 May 2017 ZeroHedge: Fasanara Capital Explains How The "Fake Market" Works In One Chart

03 May 2017  ValueWalk | Fasanara Capital May – Fake Markets 

07 Apr 2017 ZeroHedge: Italy's Target2 Deficit Hits Fresh All Time High, Above 25% Of Italian GDP 

05 Apr 2017 Class CNBC: Strategia di investimento per il secondo trimestre 

17 Mar 2017  Bloomberg Briefs | Hedge Funds Europe: Q&A with Fasanara Capital on the outlook for oil prices 

24 Feb 2017 CNBC: Why this investor is shorting both equities and bonds

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