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Fasanara Bi-Weekly Digest



Recent Banking Crisis, Italy Banned ChatGPT, New Fintech Paradigms, Embedded Lending & More News

Fasanara has a front row seat to the evolving asset class of Fintech Lending and investing in the Digital Future. We’re constantly assimilating information, speaking with innovators, and developing our theses. Here’s a selection of important topics Fasanara has been discussing internally.

In this edition:

  • The recent banking crisis: Summary from Fasanara

  • New fintech paradigms

  • Italy’s ChatGPT ban

  • Embedded lending: A $2.1 trillion gold mine or a risky gamble?

  • Future of fintech in consumer lending and credit scoring.


The recent banking crisis: Summary from Fasanara.

See Fasanara Capital's recent summary on The Recent Banking Crisis, written by Ron Barin, our Managing Director & Head of Global Strategy, and presented and commented by Colin Go, our Senior Investor Relations.


New fintech paradigms: Article by Matthew Low.

How Fasanara looks at capitalising on the new tech tools of the future - by Matthew James Low, Head of Special Projects.


Italy’s ChatGPT ban.

After Italy became the first Western country to block advanced chatbot ChatGPT on Friday over lack of transparency in its use of data, the question around Europe is: Who will follow?

The decision has already inspired various neighboring countries.


Embedded Lending: A $2.1 trillion gold mine or a risky gamble?

Lending has huge potential to transition into an embedded future, but only if providers truly understand the advantages that embedded lending could offer.


Future of fintech in consumer lending and credit scoring.

Consumer lending and credit scoring are two finance areas undergoing significant changes thanks to advances in financial technology or fintech. The use of technology enables the creation of new lending products, new ways of underwriting loans, and better credit scoring models that help identify creditworthy borrowers who have built good credit scores in recent years.

One of the most significant trends in consumer lending is the move toward digital lending platforms. Digital lending platforms are online marketplaces that connect borrowers with lenders, often using algorithms to match borrowers with lenders based on their creditworthiness. Digital lending platforms offer several benefits over traditional lending, including faster processing times, lower costs, and more personalized lending products.



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