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Top 10 Challenger Banks, JPM's $12bn Tech Spend, DeFi for Financial Sector & Other News

Happy Thursday!

In this edition:

  • Top 10 challenger banks in 2022

  • Bank-fintech partnerships are under-performing: What’s going wrong?

  • The opportunities of DeFi for the financial sector explained

  • JPMorgan plots ‘astonishing’ $12bn tech spend to beat fintechs

  • Why GameFi is crypto’s hot new thing (and what is it?)


Top 10 Challenger Banks in 2022.

Challenger banks, as a result of the advent of Fintech, have been increasing in numbers in recent years. In fact, currently, there are about 100 challenger banks worldwide, offering different types of financial services to a poll of consumers whose banking preferences have shifted towards simpler, more transparent, and digital ways of managing money.


Bank-fintech partnerships are under-performing: what’s going wrong?

Bank-fintech partnerships are a hot topic in bank boardrooms. A new report from Cornerstone Advisors, titled The State of the Union in Bank-Fintech Partnerships, found that nearly nine in 10 financial institutions consider fintech partnerships to be important to their business, up from 49% in 2019.


The opportunities of DeFi for the financial sector explained.

In a recent article, the Harvard Business Review predicted that the current economic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will ‘hasten the progress to more decentralised value chains’. In the finance sector, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain protocols are driving the shift to Decentralised Finance.


JPMorgan plots ‘astonishing’ $12bn tech spend to beat fintechs.

JPMorgan Chase, the largest lender on Wall Street, said it planned to dramatically increase spending on technology and talent to fortify its competitive position, stirring investor worries about US bank earnings in 2022.


Why GameFi is crypto’s hot new thing (and what is it?)

One of the hottest things in the cryptocurrency world right now is GameFi. Its name reflects the combination of the old-fashioned thrill of winning prizes with new crypto developments in what’s known as DeFi. GameFi players can trade, lend or rent out their winnings or even borrow against them. You can’t do that with the stuffed kitty you scored at the county fair. As its popularity soars, there’s a debate over whether GameFi will remake gaming or just separate the credulous from their money.


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