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What DEFI Needs To Go Mainstream, Investing in TradFi Podcast, Boom in Metaverse & Other News

Happy Thursday!

In this edition:

  • The Curious Learners: Investing in TradFi & DeFi podcast

  • How fintech initiatives are closing the banking gap

  • What does DeFi need to go mainstream?

  • Six practical actions for building the cloud talent you need

  • The coming boom in metaverse lending for banks.


The Curious Learners: Investing in TradFi & DeFi Podcast.

For anyone interested in investing across TradFi, CeFi & DeFi, here are some remarks by Fasanara on The Curious Learners podcast.


How Fintech Initiatives Are Closing The Banking Gap.

Today, there are approximately two billion people globally who do not have legitimate access to banking services. For this to happen, there are quite a few causes. They may have bad credit because of disappointing financial choices in the past or they may not have built up enough traditional credit history. This is also possible if people live in an area where access to financial services and credit is restricted. This is where FinTech companies and investors come into the picture. They are trying to find an answer to this concern. Now, let us move on and learn what the different FinTech initiatives are that have been undertaken and to help the banking industry.


What Does DeFi Need To Go Mainstream?

Regulators across the globe are keen to regulate the new digital currencies, financial products and exchanges. The recent announcement by the US regulator CFTC (Commodities and Futures Trading Commission) is a recent example. All regulators say that they aim to provide market protection for consumers and reduce risks in the space. Interestingly the CEOs of many exchanges do not disagree.


Six Practical Actions for Building the Cloud Talent You Need.

Cloud has emerged as one of the most important battlegrounds for tech talent. Despite the fact that there is more than $1 trillion of new value at stake in the cloud,organizations are struggling to capture those benefits because they don’t have the right talent in place.


The Coming Boom In Metaverse Lending For Banks.

Amidst all the hype about the metaverse, observers are attempting to describe what it means for the banking industry. EuroMoney wrote:

“Incumbent banks are already being disrupted by blockchain technology, crypto assets, decentralized finance protocols, and distributed autonomous organizations. Now comes a new challenge. Goldman Sachs technology analyst Eric Sheridan estimates that with roughly 33% of the digital economy shifting to the metaverse and 25% market expansion, we arrive at a $12.5 trillion opportunity.”


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