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July, 4th 2022

Resonance FM: The Naked Short Club

Interview with Fasanara Capital


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Francesco discusses with Dr Stu:


  • Long overdue equity market correction. The correction moderate though; even he S&P at 3000 may not be surprising. 

  • We're in a slightly healthier territory than previously. Expected earnings are not so bloated.

  • Bonds are still quite expensive. 10-year Treasuries at 3% are still historically low so bonds are still in an existential crisis. They don't offer too much yield yet offer quite a bit of volatility.

  • The real economy is relatively healthy. Despite inflationary and recession concerns, the real economy will come out on the other side strongly. Banks are well capitalised too.

  • Fintech lenders are proving to be instrumental as alternative lenders. At time in which the credit cycle has taken a turn for the worse, alternative lenders have stepped up to the plate.

  • Crypto is not experiencing a death spell. The cryptocurrency landscape is tense but still better than where it was pre-pandemic.

  • Slight moderation of Fugazi markets. 3 Arrows and exchange defaults represent more LTCM than Lehman moment.

  • This crash will allow the well-built players to succeed. Those with clear views for the future and a solid business plan will come into the mainstream.

  • Inflation will eventually subside. At that point, inflation will still be higher than historical averages. Countries that are overly in debt, will benefit from inflation eating into the value of their debt.

  • Two trends - Fintech + Crypto. Lending using financial technology is playing a key part in the economy of the future. Crypto-complex is making further strides. There should be more and more companies "on-chain".




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