In a bubble environment dominated by long-only investors or investors with a predominant long-bias, within a framework of minuscule if not negative bond yields, Fasanara offers a viable alternative in inventive market niches, capacity-constrained, venturing in brand new asset classes and making an extensive use of new-age financial technology.


In the years ahead, the progressive exhaustion of monetary printing will reach its climax. Quantitative easing is running out of road, as collateral effects and capacity constraints determine the end to its life cycle. Without that, policymakers will no longer be able to further kick the can down the road: markets wrongly assume that central bankers have got their backs. The bubble in both bonds and equities is now in its melt-up phase, but may soon deflate, for the first time in several years.
Fasanara Capital's unorthodox portfolio construction and unconventional investment strategy is a response to such transformational markets.

Investment Expertise

The Investment team’s expertise spans across a wide array of asset classes. Fasanara’s unique investment approach allows for greater independence and flexibility, promptly responding to opportunities as they arise.


Prudent Risk Management

Fasanara has developed a tailored-made risk management framework adapted to its unique investment strategy. A dedicated team of people oversees this part of the investment process.


Client Focus

Fasanara delivers a highly customised service to a diversified investor base, thus striving to fulfil clients’ needs with opportunistic vehicles and quantitative investment solutions, using state-of-the-art technologies.


Scaling up through technology

New Algos: quick to implement and useful in diversifying the portfolio strategies, managing the strategies portfolios through our ML infrastructure. Through technology, we renew our methodology to best access to the most liquid asset classes.


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