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Fasanara Charity Share Class & Second Chances Foundation

Race to the Top Challenge

Investing to Give

At the end of every year, investors may elect to donate up to 100% of profits to the Fasanara Foundation.

Fasanara commits to match investors' donations in full!

As part of our "Race to the Top Challenge" the Top 3 Donors will be honoured on our website page.

Fasanara will take a hands-on activist approach with the chosen charities to monitor for proper use of proceeds.

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Key to all our investment decisions is aligning Fasanara’s interests with that of its investors. That’s why Fasanara, in addition to complying with environmental, social and governmental (ESG) filters and parameters in its investment decision-making, has committed to matching donations of investors from this share class to carefully vetted charities.


The establishment of the Fasanara Foundation: "Second Chances" will ensure that all investor contributions and donated fees will be channelled to approved charities, thanks to ring-fenced funds held in trust for philanthropic endeavours.


Finally, Fasanara will play an active role in monitoring the approved charities. Quarterly oversight will be conducted by senior members of Fasanara, as well as investors who wish to participate.

Our Commitment

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Our philanthropic philosophy lies at the heart of our social commitment and drives us to select the most effective charities. Fasanara carefully due diligences each charity at the onboarding stage and works alongside them as a partner to help them address different environmental and social challenges.


We strive to go beyond traditional gifting by tangibly helping charities to develop innovative solutions with long-term results. To date, there are three charities that we have onboarded: Synchronicity EarthStand By Me and United Hatzalah Foundation.

Charity Selection

Charity contribution: Scale + activism = impact

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 Rankings of the most generous investors

The top three investors and their respective contributions to the Fasanara Charity Share Class will be published at the end of each year on the Fasanara website (subject to their consent). Investors will be able to keep track of the use of their donations thanks to progress reports which they will receive quarterly.

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Watch the Fasanara Charity Share Class presentation video here

Change is happening today and we're here to be a positive part of it. Our resolve is to engage and disseminate best practices to achieve our goal of mobilising our ecosystem of fintechs and investors to have a net positive social impact. Will you join us?

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Contact Us

For further information about joining the share class and our partner charities, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Greta Renton           Legal Counsel and Head of ESG at Fasanara Capital

Virginia Ponti            ESG Analyst 

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